Wright and Algonquin Mountains

I had to wake up early to go on this hike and was told I was only going up Wright Mountain near Lake Placid.  I’ve since learned that humans, even my family, like to tell fibs.  Though honestly I was just being carried anyway, so why would I care how long we were walking?  Here we signed in at Adirondack Loj.  I think I had the best spot in the backpack!

This is a bittersweet moment for me.  The waterfall was beautfiul, but this was also taken moments before a tragic accident.  There is a lot of water here, however  I’ve been told you’re not supposed to drink it because you’ll get “Beaver Fever,” which I once had as a young gnome.  I don’t think I could handle that again as an old gnome, or am I thinking of something else?

On the top of Wright Mountain with Mount Marcy, highest of the Adirondack High Peaks in the background.  Notice the hat I had to borrow?  Shortly after the waterfall visit my head was smashed (accidentally I’m told) against a branch and I lost part of my hat.  How sad.  At this point I thought I was done and going home to mend my broken melon.

Anyone know the song “Utica Club” by Natural Carbonation?  It’s a classic.  bah, bah-bah, bah…  That’s Algonquin on the background, 2nd tallest mountain in New York state.

WHAT?!?!?  I’m going over there?  On the back of the guy who just bounced my head off a log and broke my hat?  Oh, I don’t know about this one…

Hard to believe an hour ago I was over on that other rocky peak drinking Utica Club and eating trail mix.  And I’m still not at the top of Algonquin yet.  This was from what is known as a false summit, which is terribly disappointing when you think you’ve reached the top only to find you have further to go.  Thank god I’m not actually walking here.  The sun feels nice on the hole in my head.

Finally on the summit of Algonquin with the beautiful High Peaks in the background.  There were little tiny Rhodedendrons growing on the summit.  As a garden gnome I could really appreciate.  Sadly, the jerk taking pictures neglected to get one of the Rhodedendrons, much less one with me in it.  On the bringht side my hat still fits, even if it’s not yet attached.  I’m holding out hope…

At the Lake Placid EconoLodge.  Wish I could say I came back from the nine mile hike in one piece.


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