Magic Hat

Magic Hat in South Burlington, VT is one of the funnest places in Vermont (if you’re over 21) .  I think it’s pretty obvious why.  It’s a little known fact that gnomes love beer.  We love wine too, but when I’m in a brewery we love beer the best. Now if only I could get served…

Hey!  What’s up with the four limit sample?  It’s a good thing the first one, “Over the Pils” was really good or I might get angry.  You won’t like me when I’m angry…

I think I’m the only dude in this joint who didn’t get carded.  Do I look old or something?  Looking forward to “ElderBetty” once the damn camera is put away.

“Pistl” is made from dandelions, which I love, but never considered putting in beer.  It’s OK.  ElderBetty was better. Can’t believe I only get one more sample.  What’s wrong with this state?!?!?!

Honey Wheat IPA  is a wonderful thing.  Only available in Vermont and only on draught.  A growler of this, my good man.  I’ll be shopping for t-shirts now.  PS  stopping back tomorrow for a growler of ElderBetty before I leave town.

Just because I’m wrapped in beads doesn’t mean I drank all of these.  They were empty when I found them.  I swear!

Let me know if you need help drinking all of this.  I have a hollow leg.



2 thoughts on “Magic Hat

  1. Awsome Gnelson, I love Magic Hat too! You are adorable. Does all that drinking keep you so young( is your leg really hollow?)T

    • Drinking is like the fountain of youth for gnomes, it is why we do indeed have a hollow leg.
      With a name like TL Pussyfoot, I bet you’re very adorable your ownself!

      Thanks for reading!

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