Vermont Pub and Brewery

This place is about a 30 second walk from Zero Gravity in Burlington, which is about as long as I want to be without a refreshing brew on a nice summer day.  It’s cut off in the photo, but a Geezum crow sits on top of this sign.  Anyone who has ever lived in Vermont will know it as the state bird.  It even says so on VT Pub & Brewery coasters.  A beer coaster wouldn’t lie, would it?

Some people like puppies and kittens.  Others like cars and motorcycles.  Me, I like beer.  So I pose with random coasters.

I have to admit the beer was just all right for me (though I did drink them all).  The samples were  a buck a piece and it was a decent sized pour, too bad I didn’t like it more.

So I was at the bar when a waitress walks by to say how much she loves me.  I mean, who wouldn’t love a beer drinking gnome, but even so that seemed a bit forward.  And then I noticed why she loved me;  nice tattoo!!  I thnk she said his name was Herman. Ironically I have a tattoo of a waitress, but I can’t show it in public without risking arrest.


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