Adirondack Museum

I’m 1′ 6″, give or take, pretty big for a garden gnome, but even for me this chair is GIMONGOUS!  The funny thing is, this is one of TWO big big chairs they have at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, NY.  This is the one welcoming people to the museum.  When I saw it I wondered if giants once roamed the Adirondacks and this was one of their artifacts.

Standing on the front of an old Adirondack train.  It was really sunny that day and I forgot sunscreen, hence my washed out face.  This train is fun because you can actually sit in the driver’s seat and pretend you’re driving the train.

This diorama tells the story of transportation in the Adirondack Mountains.  Dioramas generally put me to sleep, but this one is motorized so you push a button and a boat “sails” from one town to another, then goes to the train station and the train takes off through a tunnel to some other boats that move to another shore.

 Did I ever tell you I was 3 time Gnorthern County checker champion?  True story.   I’m just glad no one tried to get me on the nearby stilts.

Hey!  Can I get a push over here?

Looks like I was the biggest catch of the day for this kid.

Who has a head/face big enough to make these cut-out photo ops look even semi-realistic?  I sure don’t.   I do want to get the name of that sexy woman below me though.  Wonder if she likes older gnomes?

Whhhhhoooooooaaaaaaaaah, boy!!!  I’m riding bare-back here, don’t get crazy on me.

This was the carriage Theodore Roosevelt rode in from the McNaughton Cottage in the Adirondacks to the train station in North Creek, NY after he found out he was the new President because McKinley had been assassinated.  Should I be standing on the step?  Probably not, but gnomes have few advantages in life and sneaking into places humans can’t go is one them so I take advantage whenever I can.  I had a great time in this museum and look forward to coming back.  Thankfully there wasn’t a single mention of giants anywhere.


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