Harpoon Brewery – Boston

Harpoon is the best brewery tour ever!  We arrived just as they opened to get on the first tour.  This involved a little waiting around, which seems to me like a plot to sell t-shirts (it worked.  We bought a hat and some other stuff).   Once the tour starts you get to sample beer along the way and the end you get about 20 minutes to sample as much of their beer as you want, all dozen or so varieties, in 5oz. samples.  Yes, it’s a little slice of heaven on earth.

These are empty.  Yes, that is a little tear you see streaming down my cheek.

After the tour, sampling some beer.    20 minutes goes by way too fast when you’re in Harpoon.  As much as I enjoyed all of the beer I sampled here,  I’m totally in love with their hard cider.  If I could only pick one thing to drink for the rest of life I might pick Harpoon Hard Cider.  It’s THAT good.  Apples and yeast.  Nothing else needed.

Love Beer.  Love Life.  Love Harpoon.



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