Freedom Trail – Charlestown


No joke, we walked from Harpoon to Charlestown, where this picture was taken in a little park.  I can’t think of a better post on Independence Day than something from the Freedom Trail in Boston.  OK, maybe if I had been to Philadelphia that might have been more appropriate, but I haven’t, so I’m sticking with Boston.

There are lots of parks on the Freedom Trail, but we really only walked along this one part in Charlestown so we could visit Bunker Hill.  Apparently everyone ELSE in my family had been to the Common, Old North Chuch and other sites, and apparently no one cared that I hadn’t been to those places.  Nice.

On the top of the Bunker Hill monument looking out toward Boston. Yeah, I know I was carried up the stairs, but I’m exhausted and tired.  Can we PLEASE go back to Harpoon now for more beer?


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