Natural Stone Bridge and Caves

Located in Pottersville, NY, Natural Stone Bridge and Caves is a natural attraction in the Adirondack Park.  I’m a big fan of natural wonders and this place is full of them.  Rivers, cliffs, plants, rocks  and of course caves.  The guy behind me was much friendlier than he appears to be.

In this photo I’m getting ready to start panning for valuable gems.  I didn’t find anything, but plenty of other people around me found some neat little rocks and even some pieces of pottery.  I think results depend on the size of the dirtbag you buy.

Hey, I’m a GNOME not a Smurf.  We don’t live in mushrooms. This is stupid.

Shhhhhh.  Gnome thinking on Meditation Isle.

Mess with me and you’ll have to deal with my much larger friend.

I believe this was called the Noisy Cave. So named because of all the water rushing through the cave, as you can see.  That’s a lot of water and I tend to sink instead of swim.

Look!  I found a friend!  Always nice to see a fellow garden gnome, however he looks a little crazy.  What the heck is he doing back there with his hands, karate?  Weirdo.


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