Diamond Island on Lake George, NY

Lake George in upstate New York is 32 miles long and home to over 165 islands, many of them state owned with picnic and camping sites.  Diamond Island is the southern most public island, and one of my favorite places to visit.

At the northern point of Diamond Island there is a monument dedicated to peace, which may seem like an odd thing to have on a tiny island until you realize this tiny island was once garrisoned by the British army during the French and Indian War as a means to control the water “highway” between New York City and Montreal.  I guess it worked because it’s been a long time since there has been any fighting in the region.  Well, apart from the bar fights in Lake George village.

Looking north from Diamond Island.  Can’t you just feel the tension leaving your body?

You can’t camp on Diamond Island, but you can definitely picnic there.  In case you can’t tell by my prodigious gut, I like eating.  Yes, those are beans, and yes, I’ll be sitting by myself on the ride home.

Hey, if you’ve got a fire going anyway, why not roast marshmallows?  I like mine when they’ve been set on fire for a few seconds.  Hold the pine needles though.

This little pavilion was built by the CCC way back in the day and is still standing.

Hey, ducks, are you hungry?

Sure you are.  Have some Doritos, they’re Nacho cheese, whatever that is.

The only thing better than feeding ducks is being fed duck.  Especially with a brandied cherry sauce.  yum yum!

Looking south from Diamond Island.  I didn’t really eat any ducks, y’know.  I was too full from all of those marshmallows.


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