Olde Saratoga Brewery

The Olde Saratoga Brewery is appropriately located in Saratoga Springs, NY.  The tasting room is open most days starting at 5pm, but Saturdays between 1pm and 3pm are the best.  That’s when a volunteer from the Saratoga Thoroughbrews home brewing club will give tours of the facility.  Needless to say this picture was taken on Saturday waiting for a tour.

I meet these nice people during our tour.  Hello, nice people!

If I look a little green it’s because I’m in the hop room, a refrigerated room where hops are stored before being added to beer.  I love hops.  Someday I’ll have to post a picture of my infant hop plant.

These tanks are full of beer.  Ice cold, tasty beer.  Uh, is anyone else thirsty all of a sudden?

Oh, perfect!  Someone heard me.  Eye of the Hawk is delicious.  Thank you, my good lady!

Standing on part of the bottling line.  If this were a weekday I would have been run over by cases of beer by now.

The best part of brewery tours?  The samples, of course.  This is Blackhawk Stout, which I like a lot.  They really don’t have a bad beer in this place.

Kingfisher is a beer from India that is brewed exclusively in North America here at OSB.  It’s a pretty good lager.

Don’t forget a growler to go and to get your frequent buyer’s card punched.  One more fill and I get a free one.  This growler was White Hawk IPA; wonderful stuff that didn’t last very long once we got home.


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