Wiawaka Holiday House

Located on the east shore of Lake George, Wiawaka has been a place for women since 1903.  Originally started by Spencer and Katrina Trask (of Yaddo Garden fame) as a place of respite for women who worked in the collar factories of Troy, NY, however, now any woman can go there as an artist retreat or just get away from it all for a few days.  Recently they had an open house and I wanted to check it out.  June and July are open to men if they have a female companion, but August is strictly for the ladies.  Since I’m a bachelor gnome the open house was my only chance to see this beautiful property.  This is their boathouse right next to a huge dock that has one of the best views of Lake George’s southern basin.

The nice folks at Wiawaka are looking for funds to help restore the Wakonda Lodge so they have more space to house the women who would like to stay there.  Looks like a nice place.

Wiawaka has a good chunk of acreage along Lake George with a few cabins visitors can stay in.  There are a couple in the background here.  There is only building on the whole property with a TV and that was a recent addition.

The main building at Wiawaka is the Fuller House, a beautiful building with some very interesting historical pieces in the main room.  During the open house they served delicious, fresh, homemade cookies and brownies.  I could have stayed and eaten brownies all days.

Shhhh.  Gnome alone with his thoughts.


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