Hazel Island on Lake George, NY

Hazel Island is on the northern half of Lake George in what is called Paradise Bay.  Why Paradise Bay?  Because it’s absolutely beautiful there, that’s why!  There is another island just south of Hazel, but we didn’t stop there.

Looking into part of Paradise Bay.  There is more down by the other island.  Usually this area is jam packed with boats, swimmers and various other people having a good time.

That’s Paradise Bay over my broad right shoulder.  Yeah, I’ve been working out, why do you ask?

A northern view of Lake George from the island.  If you’re a decent swimmer, and I’m not, you could swim over to that little island directly behind me.

And a southern view of Lake George from Hazel Island.  Here you can see the group of islands that make up “the Narrows” and Tongue Mountain along the right hand side.  The further north you go on Lake George the more beautiful and more clear the water becomes.


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