Vignoble Le Royer St-Pierre

Hard to believe, but in my 458 years I’ve never been to Canada; something I recently corrected.  And where was the first stop on my maiden voyage to Quebec?  A winery of course. Vignoble Le Royer St-Pierre is in Napierville, Quebce only a few minutes after you cross the border.  It’s a beautiful farm setting with lots of nice green things growing everywhere.   Vignoble must be French for “vineyard.”  I’m only here a few minutes and already I’m learning the language.

This is place is huge on the inside, and it’s set up with a little table inside of the silo.  We were the only ones there, but it looked like they were setting up for a banquet or something.  They had three wines to sample, a red, a white and a rose.  The white was delicious, more like a red.  We left with a red and white.  An hour into in my first visit and I love Quebec!  er, Je t’aime Quebec!  Who says you can’t teach an old gnome new languages?


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