Vignbole Domaine St-Jacques

Just when I thought I’d tasted all of the wine I was going to get before heading to Montreal we came across a sign for Domaine St-Jacques not far from highway 15.  It’s hard to pass up a nearby winery, much less one that bills themselves as being in “the warmest region of Quebec.”

A delicious tasting was offered in the boutique area (which only sold their wine and glasses) featuring estate grown reds, whites and rose.  They also had an ice wine available for a small fee, which I passed on because I’m not a dessert wine fan, but it must have been something special since another couple in the boutique bought two cases of ice wine.  Two cases!  Their ice wine was $50 a bottle; that’s some serious wine love.

I liked all of their wine and walked out with a bottle of Reserve White.  Normally I’m not big on whites, but this one was unusual in that seemed closer to a red.  I know, if I want a red I should just get a red, however variety is just as important and this Reserve White is definitely different.  Hey, these glasses are empty, can I get a little more?


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