Mount Royal

When you visit (and really everyone should) you can’t help but notice the ever present Mount Royal.  This is an eastern view from one of the lookouts you can drive to.  If you look very close you can see Olympic Stadium over my right shoulder in the distance.

If you drive to Mount Royal you can stop at Maison Smith (Smith House) to park, visit the house and from there enjoy some of the hiking trails that go around the mountain.  Hope there is a men’s room in Maison Smith because all of a sudden I really have to pee.

Gnelson Gnome and Fredrick Law Olmsted.  Together again for the first time.  When I was looking at the map of Mount Royal I was thinking it reminded of Central Park in New York City; oasis of green in a desert of steel, cement and glass.  Now I know why.

Maison Smith does indeed have a men’s room (and I feel much better now, thank you very much), it’s in the basement where they have some displays about the geology of Mount Royal which includes this giant boulder.  It’s even bigger than it looks here.  So big in fact the house was just built around it.


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