McCord Museum

Located on Sherbrooke Ave in downtown Montreal the McCord Museum is an interesting mix of Canadian history and culture exhibits.  I wanted to go because I’d read they had a good collection of totem poles.

We walked in, paid our admission and headed over to the left where they had an awesome display of editorial cartoons from Canadian newspapers.  I love cartoons.  I got the impression most Canadian editorial cartoonists dislike conservative Americans almost as much as most American editorial cartoonists.  Almost.  That said I give these Canadian cartoonists credit for knowing more about American politics than many American cartoonists know about Canadian politics (or American politics for that matter).  From the cartoons we went to look at modern Inuit art.  As soon as I walked into the gallery I saw a huge sign forbidding pictures.  How annoying.

OK, I managed to sneak in one (no flash) picture.  I wanted it to be black and white to match the bombs falling on my head, but saw a museum employee coming around the corner.  And this was it for my pictures at McCord.  Apart from their dreaded photography policy it was a good visit.


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