Square Dorchester

As you can tell the weather was gorgeous while we walked around Montreal so when we stopped to have lunch (yummy schwarma sandwiches from Basha on St-Catherine St) this park was mobbed with people.  This is the Boer War Memorial.  As a fun fact, this is the only equestrian statue in Montreal.  Who knew?

Sir Wilfrid Laurier was Canada’s first French-Canadian prime minister and this is his statue in Square Dorchester.  Reading about the symbolism in statues is often more interesting than looking at them.  In Sir Wilfrid’s case the statue was placed facing the United States (he was an early leader in free trade agreements between the two countries) and his back is to the Boar War Memorial (which he opposed).   Directly across Boulevard René Lévesque from Sir Wilfrid is Sir John A. MacDonald, who was Canada’s first prime minister.

I SWEAR I’m not peeing into the water fountain here.  It just looks that way.  This statue was erected as part of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897.  I’m guessing in the 100+ years this fountain has been here SOMEONE has peed into this fountain.  Just not me.

The Lion of Belfort sits atop the Queen’s fountain.  Guess this guy guards it.  Seems like a good gig.

Way back in the 1800’s this ground was a cemetery for a Catholic church and people from a Cholera outbreak were buried here.  This may explain  little crosses like this laid into the stone work along the walking paths in Square Dorchester.  I mean there were a lot of them.  So that’s a downer way of ending this post.  Maybe there is something a little more cheerful in Vieux (old) Montreal.


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