Saranac Brewery

Saranac Brewery, F.X. Matt Brewery, West End Brewery, Utica Club.  A brewery of any name tours the same, and a good time tour this one is!  Located in downtown Utica, NY this brewery has been around for a long time, even claiming to be the first beer brewed after prohibition ended.



See what I mean about the different monikers?  Who’s in charge of naming this brewery?  Sybil?





The beginning of the tour reminds me of an adult version of Willie Wonka, except substituting the lazy grandparents and ugly, floppy haired kid for lots of good beer and similar beer-related items.  This clock is NOT beer related, but it is insured for over a million dollars, which is something you don’t see everyday.   As much as I wanted to, I didn’t touch it.




This was just one display showcasing examples of the different cans and bottles of beer that have been put out by this brewery.  Some of them are full, but probably not worth drinking at this point.  They also have some nice advertising pieces in these cases.  I wish they would brew some Maximus again.



Mmmmmm.  Chocolate malt.  In the beer world there is no actual chocolate in chocolate malt.  “Chocolate” just refers to how dark the roast is.  It was kind of a let down to hear “chocolate” and then find out it’s just a reference to color.  This sort of  disappointment just makes me thirsty so there better be beer at the end of this tour.





Large copper kettles where beer is brewed.  The guy in the green t-shirt didn’t say “cheese.”





What’s better on a hot day than a cold beer?  Standing in a cold room surrounded by tanks of beer comes close.  Getting to sample beer from these tanks would be even better, but that didn’t happen.






Sorry about that.   My ears are still ringing.






When you finish the tour of the brewery you get two samples.  I’m not talking dinky 5 oz samples here, people.  These are full pints and there is a wide variety of styles to choose from.  Kids can get samples of their sodas.






Ladies and gentlemen, meet H2.  A special beer made by Saranac and Otter Creek Brewing in Vermont, using hops that were grown in a little town just outside of Utica.  It was absolutely delicious!  More of this beer needs to be made and distributed to the great unwashed masses (i.e. Bud drinkers).  Then again, those people wouldn’t appreciate something this tasty.  Idiots.



If this isn’t the very definition of “good day” I don’t know what is.  As a general rule I truly despise pint glasses; they’re horrible for tasting beer.  Clearly I made an exception to that rule for today.




Meet Erin.  She tried to pick me up at in the Saranac Tavern.  Literally picked me up from the table like I was a dirty glass.  Yeah, I liked it a lot.  All of the tour guides are very nice at Saranac, but I’m partial to Erin.  Someone at Saranac should give her a raise.


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