Palatine Valley Dairy

I love cheese almost as much as I love beer.  If you’re traveling along historic route 5 between Albany and Utica, NY you’ll pass the Palatine Valley Dairy, and it’s worth the stop.  In addition to making delicious cheese they also sell a lot of other local products including the biggest pickles I’ve ever seen.  The pickles were a real treat, though they did push the boundaries of my golden rule: “never eat or drink anything larger than your head.”


Just a little proof that they do indeed make their own cheese at the Palatine Valley Dairy.  Sometimes I think it would be fun to work in a cheese factory, but then I’m afraid I would smell like cheese all day.


What the hell goes on at cheese factories that would warrant making a sign like this?  As long as they continue to wear hair nets and rubber gloves, and make tasty cheese I don’t care what happens at the cheese factory.


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