Saratoga Race Course

Horses have been racing here in Saratoga Springs, NY since the 1860s.  Today the meet runs six weeks from mid-July to Labor Day, every day except Tuesday, which is a “dark” day.   I prefer to visit the track on Sundays because there aren’t as many people and I don’t feel like I get lost in the crowd.



“Historic” is often used when people talk about the racetrack in Saratoga.  Movies have been filmed here, many notable people have made their way to the course and a monumental amount of horse poop has been spread around.



People from around the world come to visit the track, watch the races and drink really expensive bad beer.  $6 for a plastic cup of Coors Light?  I wouldn’t wash my feet with Coors Light.




Of course one of the main reasons for visiting the Saratoga racetrack is betting on the horses.  Win, Place, Show, Trifecta, Quinilla, Daily Double, Box; it’s like a whole different language.  You can bet as little as a dollar or a whole lot more (NYRA would prefer the latter).  I don’t have a job so I only bet a dollar on the #6 horse to Win.





After placing your bet, head down to the “rail” (“fence” more accurately) to watch race and feel the thunder of horses running by you at breakneck speed; or trotting by at a leisurely gait, as was the case with my horse.  *sigh* So many other things I could have done with that dollar.



I like to visit the Paddock and see the horses walk around before they head out the track area and race.  I think that jockey is mugging in on my photo.  Jokes on him;  I didn’t bet on him and his horse.  Actually, jokes on me because he probably won and I probably lost another dollar.




You may keep comments about two horse’s asses in the same picture to yourself.





I’ve managed to live 458 years without a paying job and that’s just fine with me.  However, if I ever felt the urge to join the gainfully employed world I would apply for this one.  Standing in flowers, holding up a sign for passers by to read, what’s not to love?  This guy has a real height advantage over me though.



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