Vermont Spirits Distilling

Breweries and wineries are fairly common; distilleries on the other hand don’t just grow on trees.  Vermont Spirits is in Quechee Village Shops along route 4 in Vermont in what looks like a refurbished barn.




Vermont Spirits makes high end vodka.  What sets them apart from others is that they don’t use grains or potatoes.  Instead they use milk whey for their White variety and maple sap for the Gold variety.  Obviously it doesn’t taste like milk or maple, but they’re very smooth with no burn or any of the nasty aftertaste that I get from the cheap vodka I usually drink.  You know, the kind that has the name of the local liquor store on the label.

No visit is complete without a tasting and Vermont Spirits thankfully offers free tastings!  One White, one Gold and a special mixed drink that is always changing.  I liked all three.  The Gold had a slight butterscotch flavor which I loved, so I bought a bottle.  I don’t remember what was in the mixed drink, but it was super good.  Mark Vermont Spirits as a Must Stop if you’re anywhere near it!


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