Norwegian Star

My legions of fans, both of you, have been wondering “where the heck has Gnelson been?” because it’s been, like, weeks since I’ve had a new posting, right?  Well, I went to Bermuda.  And I went there on a cruise ship.  The Norwegian Star to be specific.  I know there are a lot of cruise ships to choose from, but I chose the Star because  it gave me three days in Bermuda and it’s “Freestyle” so I don’t have to sit next to a freak at dinner if I don’t want to.  That may sound mean, but if you’ve ever sat next to a freak while trying to eat dinner you know what I’m talking about and you know I’m right.


My cruise left the Manhattan cruise terminal.  That’s Manhattan, New York, not Manhattan, Kansas so the ship sails out down the Hudson River which means you get some nice views of certain  New Jersey highlights like this place, Ellis Island.  My ancestors didn’t go through Ellis Island (they came over on an un-inspected cargo container), but I’ve heard nice things.

Here’s another New Jersey site, the Statue of Liberty.  I know everyone connects lady Liberty with NYC, but despite what the quarter says, she’s really in the Garden State.  Look it up if you don’t believe the gnome.  Why would I lie?

Underside of the Verrazano Bridge.  How often do you see a view like this?

The new Freedom Tower being built in lower Manhattan.  I’d enjoy the view here a little more if I wasn’t so concerned but the thumb on my junk.  Good thing I dress to the right or this would be weird.

I booked a balcony on my cruise. Sad day when you feel even a little jealous of a garden gnome with an epoxied hat, isn’t it?  And yet that’s the case, isn’t it?

Someone get me a drink.


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