Fort St. Catherine, Bermuda

Getting to Fort St. Catherine from the town of St. George involves walking up a fairly steep hill past the famed Unfinished Church and if you get lost like we did, through the abandonded Club Med golf course.  “Lost” is a relative term when you’re in an area like this where you don’t mind getting side-tracked because no matter where you are the scenery is breath-taking.


This does not seem like a good scenario for me…

My fellow history buffs will note Fort St. Catherine never actually saw any action during its years of commission, but the British thought enough of its strategic position to keep enhancing it.  There are a whole series of forts protecting Bermuda, but this is the only one I went to.




Back in day men did a lot of training with bringing shells like this one up from the magazine to cannons.  Seeing this made me wish the equipment was still functional so I could go on a ride to simulate the shell’s journey.  I’m about the same height, but not nearly as heavy.





OK, maybe the shell is taller than me, Mr. Wise Guy, but I’m a lot better looking (not to mention more witty) than a stupid shell.  Can we change the subject now?






Just letting you know this is British territory here.  And don’t you forget it.  Kind of makes you want to break into a rousing chorus of “God Save the Queen,” doesn’t it?




Can we stop with the short jokes already?  Jeez, I’m supposed to be on vacation here.






Where I come from water is only this shade of blue if I mix it with blue curacao.  Can we please go swimming now?  I’ve had it with being in a fort where everything makes me feel tiny.


4 thoughts on “Fort St. Catherine, Bermuda

  1. Oh, Gnelson, you are such a witty little guy. I enjoy reading about your trip, it sounds like it was a lot of fun for you..

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