Tobacco Bay, Bermuda

Tobacco Bay is a short walk down a lovely road from Fort St. Catherine.  Not only do you pass by beautiful flowers (even in mid-to-late September) and cute houses, but beautiful ocean scenery as well.  Oh, and let’s not forget random, wild chickens walking freely around the island.  Please don’t tell McDonald’s lest some lame brain get the idea for free range McNuggets.  These chickens were too cute to eat.


Tobacco Bay had some amazing snorkeling within the warm blue water.  The variety of beautiful fish floating in this bay was nothing short breath-taking.  I was just happy there weren’t any jelly fish simply because I forgot my peanut butter fish so there could be no sandwiches.  What?  That wasn’t funny?

This picture, taken on a Wednesday, was a bittersweet moment for me.  Sweet because I loved it.  Bitter because it was among the last pictures taken of me on Bermuda.  I don’t mean to be a bitch, but quite frankly the next three days on Bermuda sucked, big time, for me.  Keep reading over the next few days to find out why.  It’s too painful to discuss now.


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