Norwegian Star – Towel Animals

This was my first cruise so imagine my surprise when I returned to my cabin one night to find an animal on my bed; a towel animal.  Apparently this is some sort of cruise tradition where the room stewards fold towels into whimsical shapes.  They even have an on board class about how you can do it at home.  I was too busy playing penny slots, smoking cuban cigars and drinking dark and stormies to attend.  I think this towel animal is dog.


Towel animals are kind of cute, and I find them to have a fair amount of subjectiveness for lively debate.

A bunny?





Our room steward/towel artist was Ester, who was very nice (giving her $5 every day helped) until she threw out the beer bottles I was saving for my collection.  These weren’t Bud Light bottles you find on the side of the road; I had stuff that isn’t sold in the States.  And I didn’t leave them anywhere near the garbage.  Yeah, I’m still a little bitter.  The bottle of “Tisdale” wine Norwegian offered wasn’t much compensation for lost memories.  Bitch.


This one sparked the most heated debate (relative to being on a ship without a care in the world).  Mouse or bat?  Room steward/towel artist/empty beer bottle hater Ester settled the debate by declaring it was indeed a mouse.

This was before we knew she would throw out stuff that wasn’t within 10 feet of a garbage can, much less on the floor.


I do find some irony in the fact someone takes the time to fold towels into amusing shapes and 10 minutes later I’m using said towel to dry my ass crack.  I do take the towel apart first; I’m not a weirdo.



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