Hadley Mountain

Not too far from my home in the southern Adirondacks is Hadley Mountain.  It’s not a High Peak so anyone looking to become a 46er won’t gain any ground hiking this one, but Hadley Mountain does have a great view for not too much of a hiking investment.




One of the unique things about Hadley Mountain is that it has a fire tower.  The Adirondacks used to be dotted with many of these towers where forest rangers would look for fires.  Only a few remain, many of which are maintained by volunteers and open to the public.  Sort like a lighthouse for land lubbers.



The hike is short distance wise, but fairly steep.  I was too busy hauling my old ass up the mountain and trying to breathe so I didn’t get many pictures of the journey, but this is part of the destination.  In the way far back of this photo you can see the Great Sacandaga Lake.



Once at the top hikers can enjoy a view that is close to 360 degrees with almost no obstruction from trees.  Although this was November, the weather was gorgeous; perfect temperature for hiking and the gusty breeze was quite refreshing.  High Peaks in the background.



John Lennon said “happiness is a warm gun.”  Charles Schulz said “happiness is a warm puppy.”  Gnelson Gnome says “happiness is sun on a gnome’s face.”  And check out at my shadow.  I’m huge!




Gnelson doesn’t lie.  There IS a fire tower on Hadley Mountain, AND it was a beautiful day.  Do you see any clouds up there?  I didn’t think so.






Below the tower a little way there is an old ranger cabin and this odd looking cave made from some timbers and cut stone.  My best guess is that it was an old root cellar, but now it’s probably a place for local kids to smoke dope and mess around.  Looks creepy in there.





Long time readers (both of you) will know my favorite mountain hiking tradition is enjoying a luke-warm Utica Club at the summit.  For this trip it was “UC for Me” at the ranger cabin with some Bud Roberts brand “nilla wafers.  Yum yum.




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