Prospect Mountain

Prospect Mountain overlooks Lake George village and the southern basin of said lake.  There are essentially two ways to get to the top; the easy way is to pay a toll and drive up along Veteran’s Highway, which is open seasonally.  The not quite as easy way is to hike the well marked trail.  The latter starts off by walking on this bridge which crosses over I-87, the Northway.  It’s strange and exciting all at once.


Prospect Mountain used to have a hotel on the summit and a cog train would haul guests from the bottom to the top.  Of course a cog train is going to go straight up, no switchbacks.  That old cog trail is now the hiking trail, which means if you want to hike Prospect Mountain, be prepared for a steep hike.  I think this stone structure used to be part of the cog system.  Wild guess.




Whenever you’re hiking in the woods it’s always a good idea to sign in at the booth if one is provided.  If you’re lucky there is usually a pen or pencil available.




Looks flat, doesn’t it?  It’s not.  And I’m damn glad someone stuffs me in a bag and carries me around.  Seems too much like work to me.




Remember that road I mentioned before?  This is it.  It was closed to vehicles when we were hiking so we decided to get off that god-foresaken trail and walk along the road.  It was longer, distance and time wise, but not nearly as steep and offered some better views.  Again, I could care less about the effort involved, but I was looking forward to some nice views.



The highway has a few pull offs with scenic overlooks, like this one.  That is Lake George village and the southern most end of the lake.  Typical dreary, brown, November day in the Adirondacks.  I much prefer when all of the trees are green.




Another scenic overlook and another view of the lake, looking north this time.





On the summit.  It’s neither a long nor difficult hike to get up Prospect Mountain, but I sure would be annoyed if I expended all of that effort in the summer and then had to share the summit with some lazy fat ass who just finished driving up the highway.




The hotel may be long gone, but pieces of the cog train remain.  It’s one of the things that make Prospect a unique hike.  In addition to the bits of history the summit also has a stonewall, touristy coin-operated binoculars and picnic tables.




Hey!  Can I get a little privacy here?!?!  I have a deep seated fear of falling down the hole of a port-a-potty and not being able to climb out.

Does the rock formation to my right look like  a face?   See the closed eye, nose and mouth?  Creepy.



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