Calvin Coolidge Birthplace

President Calvin Coolidge was one of two Presidents born in the state of Vermont (Chester A. Arthur was the other, but there is some dispute about that one).  Plymouth Notch, VT to be exact.  Needless to say this is a pretty big deal for a little state and there is a state historic park and museum to commemerate the man and his life.


Gnelson Gnome and Calvin Coolidge.  Together again for the first time.


Every little town in Vermont has a general store and Plymouth Notch is no exception.  The difference is the entire village of Plymouth Notch is part of the park and pretty much looks the same as it did when President Coolidge lived there.


Time pretty stands still in Plymouth Notch.  I’m not sure if Gas was 1 cent or 11cents, but taxes are clearly 3 cents.  That’s a bargain for gas, but either way that’s a pretty high tax rate.  Too bad there isn’t any gas coming out of that pump.


While Coolidge was President the general store served a dual purpose as the summer White House when the President left Washington for vacation. Essentially the country was run from the second floor of the Plymouth Notch general store.  Can you imagine such a thing happening today?  I mean, can you imagne someone actually running the country regardless of location.  Crazy.




The room where the United States was run during the summer.  It also served as a post office and a dance hall.  Note the bass drum in the background.  Yes, those were simpler times.  The town only had a telephone installed because Coolidge was President.  No cell phones, no TV, no internet, no garden gnomes sharing stories to people around the world…er, forget that last thing.


This is literally the birthplace of Calvin Coolidge.  He was seriously born in this room in this bed.  How often do you see the exact place where a President was born?




I‘m standing in the chair where a future President’s bare baby ass once sat.  I can just feel the history radiating up through my feet.  Gives me chills.






Regardless of what you think about Calvin Coolidge as a President it’s hard to argue with the amazing story that happened in this town.  He was born in the small house behind the general store and eventually in this very house, directly across the street from where he was born, Calvin was sworn in as President of the United States by his father.  If that was written in a novel, people would say that’s just unrealistic.




Just outside of Plymouth Notch is Calvin’s final resting place, off the side of a side road with the rest of his family.  It only seems appropriate.


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