Quechee Gorge

Looks ominiously deep doesn’t it?  Well, that’s just how things look compared to the giant hunka burning love that is me.  Get used to it.  If I ever get to go to the Grand Canyon it will look like a kid’s sandbox when I’m photographed next to it.  This is Quechee Gorge looking south from the route 4 bridge, between Woodstock and White River Junction.  The Ottauquechee River runs through the gorge, and anyone whose had a basic Earth Science course knows how the gorge was made.  What I love about Quechee Gorge is the footpath that leads down to the bottom; open to the public and free of charge.  Blogging isn’t exactly a high income profession here, people, so anything free is very appealing to me.  Gnomes are industrious, but we’re also very miserly.  Or at least I am.


Just like that, I’m at the bottom of the gorge, or at least as far as the footpath takes you.  Yes, that’s the bridge I was on in the previous photo in the background.  It’s about a mile walk down from the bridge and not overly difficult; ’cause it’s DOWNHILL, duh.  The river isn’t very wide here, and has a bit of a current.  On a hot day, like this one, people can be seen jumping off the rocks and swimming to cool off.


For people who like walking around on rocks (you know who you are) Quechee Gorge is interesting, albeit not very large and you won’t find little treasures like you would by the ocean.  What you do get is a terriffic unspoiled experience with nature.  If I lived nearby this would my  go-to place for some relaxing quiet time.



More rocks, different angle.  Look!  There are some adventerous swimmers now.  There is nothing but nature at the bottom of the gorge.  At the top along route 4 there is a gift shop, a couple restaurants, a wine store (yay!), a Quality Inn hotel and a state run interpretive center.



If someone made a video documentary about my travels you would be amazed at this shot.  I am standing on a log that’s hanging off the shore and over the river.  if I lose my balance I’m swimming, and I’m not sure how well I float, but I’m guessing face down.  I’m a garden gnome, not a water gnome.



Back on the bridge.  When we first arrived at the gorge there was all sorts of talk about me bungee-jumping off the bridge.  It’s illegal for a human to bungee-jump here, but the law isn’t entirely clear about gnomes. The decision was ultimatley made when we couldn’t find a bungee cord in the trunk of the car.  On the one hand I was sad because I love adventure.  Conversely, it’s a LONG way to bottom and there are a lot of rocks.  As they saying goes: “It’s not the fall that kills you; it’s the sudden stop at the end.”

OK, I might have taken the bungee cord out the trunk before we left home, but let’s keep that to ourselves, eh?


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