Plymouth Cheese Company

In  Plymouth Notch, VT they make cheese.  This cheese company was started by Calvin Coolidge’s son and run by the family for a long time (though I don’t think it is anymore).  It’s located right next door to the house where Calvin was sworn in as President.  Everyday I thank the gnome gods for not making me lactose intolerant because I love cheese!


Sadly, on this day they were not making cheese, otherwise the area behind me would abuzz with cheese making activities like pouring milk and doing something with it.  Listen, I visit cheese companies to EAT cheese not get lessons on cheese making.  I just know when I open the wrapper it tastes good.  ’nuff said.


The first floor is a shop where you can taste some samples (they were all really tasty, albeit expensive).  The upstairs is a cheese making museum.  Lots of a equipment and some signs which I didn’t read because I was hoping there would be more samples.  There wasn’t, so I remain ignorant as well as hungry.





At some point in the process cheese goes from liquidy to firm and I think that happens in rings like these to help give the cheese some shape.  You know what I did learn, most (maybe all) cheese is naturally white and is only orange because carrot juice is added.  This is due to some people thinking all cheese (mostly cheddar) is orange and refusing to buy white cheese.  People are weird.




The sign don’t lie, this is a cheese press.  As much as I love cheese I don’t want to be pressed into cheese.  I’m sure eating my way out from the middle of a cheese block isn’t nearly as much fun as it sounds like it would be.



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